Bodiphier natural hair relaxer review

I know many women when starting to look out for relaxer, look for a natural relaxer that could straighten the curls. Bodiphier is one such relaxer available in the market to straighten the hair without using any harsh chemicals. It doesn’t contains the “lye” sodium hydroxide nor does it contain “no-lye” chemicals like calcium hydroxide, ammonium thigylcolate etc..

BodipHier Natural Hair Relaxer System Review

BodipHier Natural Hair Relaxer Review

I am bit cautious about this one because it claims to be a safe hair relaxer.  But, it doesn’t seem safe enough for me. It seems to relax the hair due to alkaline solution present in the relaxer. Too much alkaline solution can weaken the hair and make it more brittle and this is exactly what happened when I tried it. It does seem to relax the hair in the first use. But, after the second use the hair became very weak and started breaking. My hair is now back to normal after prolonged conditoning. It took me a month to undo a week of damage. Yes, it does relax the hair bit, but I wouldn’t definitely not give up my strong hair for a bit more relaxed curl. Used on hair type 4a.  May be it would work for more weaker curls as they would need to use it less frequently. I would suggest using it once in a month maybe for loosening the curls rather than using it a proper relaxer. Though it does not not have the traditional chemicals used in a relaxer, it does dissolve the hair if left in the relaxer.  This indicates prolonged and frequent use of BodiPhier relaxer would cause similar level of  damage to your hair like any other relaxer.  This is not a relaxer that could be used to straighten your hair without causing any damage.  Have u used this relaxer? If yes, share ur results with us.

BodiPhier Ingredients:

Purified Alkaline Water, 100% Natural Soda Ash & Minerals, 100% Natural Citric, 100% Natural Menthol, Cetyl Wax, Emulsifying Wax, Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, Lanotrol, Volpo 10, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, 100% Natural Protein Powder, Shea Butter, 100% Natural Protein Oil, 100% Natural Soy Bean Oil, and Fragrance

Is the alkaline water and soda ash present in BodiPhier safe?

In order for the hair to be top condition, it needs to be have pH in range of 4-6. So, hair is slightly on the acidic side. Hence, when hair is placed in the mildly acidic solution like lemon juice or vinegar hair cuticle is closed, making it less prone to breakage and leaves the hair smooth. When the hair is placed in the alkaline solution, it makes the hair more porous lifting the cuticles to create the desired effect like perms or relaxing. Hence, hair is generally more prone to breakage after perms and hence it needs to be conditioned in order to reach the desired pH range.  Also, the chemicals in relaxer itself is not an issue for your hair, but the high pH in those chemicals is what caused the side effects of relaxing. Though soda ash is a naturally occurring substance, it can have a pH upto 12 which makes it highly alkaline causing the same side effects that a conventional chemical relaxer would cause.


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