Hair Essentials for Hair Growth

One of my male client recently had a chat with me and was concerned about his hair loss. I examined his scalp and mentioned to him what he is experiencing seems like male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness affects about 70% of men by the age of 70. But, recently there are many men experiencing what I would call as premature baldness by age to 30. For some men it is really depressing at such an early age and hence they start looking of products that could cure their baldness. Currently, there are only 2 (propecia , minoxidil)products which are allowed by FDA to be sold for the treatment of hair loss.
There may be some other products that can work as cure for hair loss but they are not approved by the FDA for hair loss treatment. There are some natural and herbal products that can be used for the treatment if hair loss, just like the medicinal products like propecia and minoxidil. FDA doesn’t regulate natural products meaning they can be sold to anyone then with all sorts of claim.

What is Hair Essentials?

Hair Essentials is a natural herbal supplement which is filled with ingredients that might help prevent hair loss. The main ingredient of Hair Essentials seem to be Saw Palmetto. As some of you might know, Saw Palmetto works similar to propecia in inhibiting the hormone DHT which is considered as the main cause of male pattern baldness. As natural products are not regulated by FDA the daily recommended intake for Saw Palmetto is not established. But, if you are planning to take with any other supplements it is better to consult your physician before starting hair essentials.

Effect on Oral Contraceptives

According to their website, Saw Palmetto can reduce the number of estrogen and androgen receptors in your body and hence may have an effect on oral contraceptive pills. It also contains Fo-Ti which can mimic hormones and hence it may not be suitable for people with any hormone related issues or cancer.

Is the product Hair Essentials effective for hair growth?

I did notice in the Hair Essentials websites it is filled with positive reviews from users. While I doubt the validity of their reviews, I started looking for some real reviews from people. Below are reviews from people who had actually used it from public forums:

The reviews from the public forums seem to be mixed unlike their website though it seems to be working for some people but not for all.

If you want to grow healthy hair, maintaining the diet along with some nutritional supplements might help you with hair loss. But, hair loss seems to be hormonal and treating them might be hard and can result in side effects as it means you are trying to modify or alter the hormones in some way.

If you feel like giving Hair Essentials a try just make sure you consult with your physician so that doesn’t alter with any medicaitions or supplements you are consuming. They recommend a three month program for Hair Essentials as it might start working only from the second or even third month. If you are not happy with the product for any reason they are happy to refund the cost of your purchase. As the potential long term side effects of hair essentials is not known I would rather prefer the cautious approach here.

Have you used Hair Essentials before? Please share your experiences below.

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