What makes hair curly?

This is one of the common questions that curly hair people ask. I know some people are just curious and are eager to know the reason behind curly hair. Curly hair is normal just like straight hair, but not many people ask what makes hair straight :). In order to explain what makes the hair curly I need to explain what is made of. People used to think hair shaft is responsible for maintaining the hair to be curly. But, recently scientists have discovered that the hair follicle and its shape determine the hair type. People with straight hair have round or circular hair follicle. People with wavy to curly hair have oval to flat hair follicle resulting in different hair types. So, if you have very kinky curls you are bound to have a flat hair follicle.

Below are what maWhat makes hair Curlykes hair curly:

Disulphide Bonds

Most of us know that hair is made up of protein. The way the protein structures are hold together can determine your hair type. Disulphide Bonds are responsible for holding the hair protein together, the more number of disulphide bonds present to hold the protein structure curlier the hair is. When relaxing chemicals are applied to the hair it breaks the disulphide bonds and permanently alters the structure of the hair.


This is a generic answer but genetic plays an important role in the hair you get. According to genetic scientists, trichohyalin gene is mainly responsible for determining the curliness of your hair. Scientists are suspecting that variation in this specific gene can cause an amino acid change in your body which determines the curliness of your hair. There is around 85% chance for a curly hair to be inherited from either one of the parents.


Humidity can influence the type of the hair. Historically speaking, people in the more humid areas have curly hair than people in cold areas. Also, humidity can cause the hair to frizz which in turn can curl looking hair.

You can’t change any of the factors that influence the curly hair. But, you can try different products to manage the curls and maintain a healthy hair. Always keep the curly hair moisturized and don’t wash your hair daily. Wash twice or thrice a week and apply a leave –in conditioner in your hair. Properly moisturized hair is easy to comb and style and are the likely candidate to create bouncy curls.

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