Xenna’s Curlaway Curl Relaxer Reviews and Results

Xenna Curlaway Curl Relaxer Review

Xenna Curlaway Curl Relaxer Review

Xenna Curlway product is a natural hair relaxer which is promoted as an alternative for chemical relaxers. I have been planning to try it for ages and finally did try it recently. The main drawback for me with Curlaway was from other reviews people said the smell was horrible, so I was reluctant for a while. But, finally I took the plunge and tried it. I hate to deal with the regrowth in chemical relaxer and looking for an alternative. As Curlaway results are semi permament, I wanted to give it a go.

After using the Xenna Curlaway Hair Relaxer for the first time, I was happy with it. But, I am bit concerned about the relaxer being advertised as completely natural. If no chemicals are present in these products what is the ingredient present in them that makes it work. I took a closer look at the ingredients this ingredient grabbed my attention “naturally-derived aqueous acetic acid (pH lowering agent)”. This is the ingredient that can loosen the curl pattern. Acetic acid can deform the disulphide bonds that are present in the curly hair and will loosen up the curls when wet.

It might just be an expensive bottle of apple cider vinegar which also constitutes acetic acid. When I was using, I just wanted to loosen my curl pattern so that I can wear my hair curly. After hearing other people’s recommendations, I applied it as leave-in and then pulled all my hair to wear a tight ponytail and stretched the pony tailed hair and clipped it on other side of the head. The smell is too strong for my liking and that is the only time I ended up using it. I did put up with the smell overnight and washed it the other day, as was pleased with my results. I was very happy to see my curl pattern relaxed and looking bouncy instead of kinky. The hair was a bit soft but dry. I washed it off with the conditioner. To me the loosed curl pattern lasted for about a month and loved the curl pattern it produced. But, the messiness involved with the process didn’t make me want to apply it again. This product could loosen the curls associated with the kinky hair and will not make your hair pin straight without using flat iron. If that is what you want, this is definitely the product worth considering. If you have very kinky hair of hairtypes 4a and above, this product might not be the best one for you.

Curlaway would suit you:

• If you are interested in relaxing your curl pattern rather than straightening your hair
• Worried about the regrowth after relaxing and would like an alternative option
• Have allergic reactions to chemicals present in commercial relaxers
• Would like to apply the relaxer without professional help
• Want to fatten the flat ironing process
• Want more manageable hair rather than pin straight hair
• Want of tame the frizz on a non-ethnic hair

Is the product natural?

It depends on what you would consider natural. Of course, it doesn’t contain the highly alkaline chemicals like “lye” or “no-lye”, but it contains acetic acid. What is means is it as acid relaxer when compared to traditional alkaline relaxers. pH is Curlaway seems to be 2.8, so very much on the acidic side. It does smell like vinegar and seems like it is a vinegar based product and hence the strong smell. So, it is less damaging to the hair when compared to other chemical relaxers and can be used safely by men and children without a neutralizer.

How it works?

Curlaway is an acid based relaxer and it gets activated by heat. Hence, it works best when used as a leave-in conditioner.

Where to buy?

  1. The cheapest I could find is from Amazon for 14.95  Xenna Curlaway Gradual Curl Relaxer Green Apple Fragrance
  2. At Walgreens, it is sold  for $19.99

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